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Meet Our Team

We aim to provide an enriching dance experience that goes beyond just learning dance techniques. We help dancers of all ages build confidence and develop life skills, such as discipline, teamwork and perseverance. Our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers are passionate about providing a positive and supportive environment for all our dancers to thrive.

Photo of Sarah Melville-Smith

Sarah Melville-Smith

Director - Jazz & Ballet

Photo of Martina Buzak

Martina Buzak


Photo of Rosie Martin

Rosie Martin

Barre Fitness & Broadway

Photo of Chanelle Mansell

Chanelle Mansell

Acro Dance

Photo of Chantelle McIntyre

Chantelle McIntyre

Pre-School & Dancing Stars

Photo of Jeri Lomas

Jeri Lomas

Silver Swans & Pre-School

Photo of Danni Greenfield

Danni Greenfield


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