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This image captures a captivating ballet dance performance on stage, showcasing the exquisite grace and timeless artistry of ballet. The dancers, adorned in elegant costumes and delicate pointe shoes, are captured in mid-pose, illustrating their exceptional technique and poise. The stage is illuminated with soft, atmospheric lighting, enhancing the ethereal beauty of their movements. The dancers' expressions convey both emotion and precision, embodying the narrative and expressive qualities of classical ballet. This photograph celebrates the rich heritage and sophistication of ballet as a performing art, highlighting its ability to captivate audiences with its beauty and storytelling.
This image captures an electrifying jazz dance performance on stage, showcasing the dynamic and expressive artistry of jazz dancers. The performers, dressed in vibrant and stylish costumes, are captured mid-motion, demonstrating their skill in executing energetic leaps, spins, and intricate footwork. The stage is alive with colorful lighting, enhancing the lively atmosphere of the performance. The dancers' expressions convey passion and rhythm, embodying the improvisational spirit and syncopated rhythms of jazz dance. This photograph celebrates the versatility and creativity of jazz as a dance form, captivating audiences with its high-energy choreography and infectious enthusiasm.

2024 Term Dates

Term 1: Monday 12th February - Saturday 13th April

Term 2: Monday 29th April - Saturday 6th July

Term 3: Monday 22nd July - Saturday 28th September

Term 4: Monday 14th October - Saturday 7th December

*We value family time so public holidays are observed*

2024 Term Fees

Our Dance Fees are priced on a yearly basis for that dance style and not on a per-class basis, Therefore the fees for each class are the same for every term.


Fees are due within the first two weeks of each term and these invoices are emailed out.

Please note there are no refunds if a student decides to leave during the term. Special discount may be given if an extended family trip is required, but this will be on a case by

case basis only.

Term Fees for 2024 are:


½ hour class = $130


¾ hour class = $145


1 hour class = $155

*Barre Fitness and Silver Swans Class fees on application*

There are multiple class discounts available for students who participate in more than

two dance styles. Our Multiple class combo discounts are:


3 class combo = 5%


4 class combo = 12%


*Please note there is a one off $30 administration fee charged for all new students

This image showcases a detailed timetable for barre fitness classes, featuring sessions focused on enhancing strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. The schedule includes various class times throughout the week, offering options for morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. Each class is designed to incorporate ballet-inspired movements, Pilates, and yoga techniques, aimed at improving posture, toning muscles, and increasing flexibility. The timetable is organized with clear headings and easy-to-read fonts, making it convenient for participants to plan their workout routines. This structured schedule ensures accessibility for individuals of all fitness levels, providing a supportive environment for achieving health and wellness goals through barre fitness.




Privacy Policy

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