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This image captures a stunning ballet performance, showcasing the grace and elegance of the dancers. The performers are dressed in traditional ballet attire, including tutus and pointe shoes, and are captured in mid-air, executing perfectly synchronized leaps and pirouettes. The stage is softly lit, highlighting the fluidity and precision of their movements. The dancers' poised expressions and flawless technique convey the beauty and discipline of ballet. This photograph exemplifies the artistry and dedication inherent in ballet, illustrating the timeless appeal of this classical dance form.


Experience the grace and technique of classical ballet at Stageworks Dance & Performing Arts. Our ballet classes for kids focuses on fluid, graceful movements, emphasising proper turn-out of the legs and feet.

Each class enhances coordination, posture, and alignment while building strength and nurturing

creative expression.

Modern Jazz

Discover the exhilaration of modern jazz in St Heliers. Our jazz dance classes for kids are designed to be fun and engaging while also helping dancers build confidence, improve rhythm, flexibility, and coordination. Join our jazz dance classes for kids near you and experience the fun and benefits of this energetic dance style.

This image captures the energy and sophistication of a modern jazz dance performance. The dancers, dressed in sleek, contemporary costumes, are shown executing dynamic and expressive movements with precision and flair. The stage is brightly lit, emphasizing the fluidity and strength of their choreography. The performers' expressions convey the emotional depth and intensity of the dance, blending traditional jazz techniques with modern twists. This photograph highlights the versatility and creativity of modern jazz dance, showcasing its ability to merge rhythm, style, and storytelling into a captivating visual spectacle.
This image captures a lively scene of preschool children engaged in fun and educational activities. The young learners are gathered in a bright, colorful classroom, filled with playful decor and learning materials. They are participating in various activities, including building blocks, drawing, and group games, all designed to enhance their cognitive and social development. The children, dressed in casual, comfortable clothing, display curiosity and joy as they explore and interact with their environment and each other. This photograph beautifully illustrates the dynamic and nurturing atmosphere of a preschool, emphasizing the importance of early childhood education in fostering creativity, cooperation, and foundational learning skills.

Preschool Poppets

Introduce your little one to the joy of dance with our Preschool dance classes. Tailored for children aged 2.5 to 4 years old, this class incorporates learning the basics of dance movements along with playful activities that help to nurture and foster motor skills development, coordination, and creativity in a fun and engaging way for our littlest dancers

Dancing Stars

Discover Dancing Stars at Stageworks Dance & Performing Arts. Combining the grace of ballet with the energetic moves of jazz dance, our specially designed dance program for 5 year olds, ensures every child experiences a wonderful mix of dance techniques. We believe in fostering creativity and building confidence from the start. Join this dance class for kids and start their dance journey today!

This image captures the joy and enthusiasm of young dancing stars under 5 years old, engaging in a delightful combination of ballet and jazz dance. The children are dressed in adorable costumes, featuring tutus and jazz shoes, showcasing their budding talent and love for dance. They are captured in mid-performance, with bright smiles and expressive movements, embodying the playful spirit of both dance styles. The colorful studio setting adds to the cheerful atmosphere, making this photograph a heartwarming representation of early childhood dance education. This image highlights the importance of nurturing creativity, coordination, and confidence in young dancers through a fun and supportive environment.
This image captures a mesmerizing contemporary dance performance, where dancers are engaged in expressive and fluid movements. The performers, dressed in minimalist costumes, are shown mid-motion, emphasizing the grace and emotional depth of their choreography. The stage is dimly lit, creating a dramatic ambiance that enhances the intensity of the dance. The dancers' bodies form dynamic shapes and lines, conveying a powerful narrative through their movements. This photograph illustrates the essence of contemporary dance, highlighting its ability to blend technique, emotion, and creativity into a compelling artistic expression.


Explore Contemporary dance that merges techniques from Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical dance styles, emphasizing innovation and expressive movement.

Our dance classes for kids focus on developing 

floor work, falls, and improvisation techniques.

Designed for dancers from Grade 2 level and up due

to the prior dance skills required.

Hip Hop

 This energetic street style of dance is about the

latest dance moves and self-expression. 

Our Hip Hop dance classes do not have exam work

instead focusing on building confidence, enhancing rhythm and improving coordination, all while having

fun and embracing the vibrant culture of

the hip-hop beats.

This image captures an electrifying hip-hop dance performance, showcasing dancers immersed in high-energy urban dance moves. The performers are dressed in trendy streetwear, reflecting the vibrant and edgy culture of hip-hop. They are captured mid-air, executing powerful jumps, spins, and intricate footwork with precision. The background features a graffiti-covered wall, adding to the urban aesthetic and atmosphere. This photograph highlights the dynamic and expressive nature of hip-hop dance, celebrating its cultural roots and its ability to convey powerful emotions and stories through movement.
This image captures a barre fitness class in action, where participants engage in exercises designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance. The class takes place in a bright, airy studio with ballet barres along the walls. Participants, dressed in athletic wear, are performing a series of movements that combine ballet-inspired techniques with elements of Pilates and yoga. The focus is on maintaining proper posture and alignment while executing controlled, precise movements. This photograph illustrates the intensity and elegance of barre fitness, highlighting its benefits for core strength, muscle tone, and overall body conditioning.

Barre Fitness

This class focuses on movements for the whole body, delivering cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility.

A great total body workout and no prior dance experience is necessary to join this class.

Broadway Dance

A theatrical performance class that combines

singing and dancing. Our dancers develop

their confidence and performance skills

as well as learning the art of connecting

with an audience. This class incorporates the

style of song and dance routines inspired by

movies and musicals.

This image showcases a dynamic Broadway dance performance, featuring dancers in vibrant costumes and theatrical makeup. The performers are captured mid-motion, executing high-energy choreography with precision and flair. The stage is illuminated with colorful lights, enhancing the dramatic effect of the dance routine. This scene epitomizes the excitement and glamour of Broadway, highlighting the talent and dedication of the dancers. The image reflects the essence of musical theater, where storytelling and dance combine to create a mesmerizing spectacle.
This image captures the graceful movement of silver swans, a term for older adults, as they dance elegantly. The dancers, dressed in sophisticated attire, showcase their vitality and joy through synchronized movements. Their silver hair and radiant smiles add to the beauty of the scene, reflecting the timeless nature of dance and the spirit of active aging. This photograph highlights the importance of physical activity and community for seniors, illustrating that age is no barrier to enjoying the art of dance.
This image features the silver swan logo, a symbol of elegance and grace. The logo depicts a stylized silver swan with flowing lines and a sense of movement, representing beauty and sophistication. The silver color adds a touch of luxury and refinement to the design. This logo embodies the timeless qualities associated with swans, such as gracefulness and resilience. It serves as a visual representation of quality and prestige, making it suitable for brands or organizations that value elegance and tradition. This photograph showcases the artistic and symbolic elements of the silver swan logo, highlighting its appeal and significance.

Silver Swans Ballet

A specially designed ballet class for mature learners. Our Silver Swans® ballet classes will help improve your mobility, posture, coordination and energy levels.


Enhance your sense of well-being and expand your social circle by meeting new people with a shared passion for dance. “It’s never too late to shine - Ballet classes for the over 55’s

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