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This image captures a poignant ballet dance performance inspired by the Titanic tragedy. Dancers, dressed in period costumes reminiscent of the early 20th century, portray the emotional journey of passengers aboard the ill-fated ship. The choreography evokes the drama and romance of the historic event, with movements that blend grace and sorrow. The stage is set with atmospheric lighting and a backdrop that echoes the grandeur of the ocean liner. Each dancer's expression reflects the narrative of love, loss, and resilience associated with the Titanic story. This photograph honors the enduring fascination with the Titanic through the artistry and storytelling of ballet.
This image captures an electrifying jazz dance performance onstage, showcasing the dynamic and expressive artistry of the dancers. Dressed in vibrant costumes that reflect the spirit of jazz, the performers exude energy and passion through their precise movements and choreography. The stage is illuminated with colorful lights, enhancing the lively atmosphere and adding to the visual spectacle of the performance. Each dancer's expression and posture convey the rhythm and improvisational flair characteristic of jazz dance. This photograph celebrates the versatility and creativity of jazz as a dynamic form of artistic expression, captivating audiences with its rhythmic beats and infectious enthusiasm.
This image captures a poignant lyrical dance performance onstage, showcasing the emotional and expressive artistry of the dancers. Dressed in flowing costumes that enhance the fluidity of their movements, the performers convey grace and vulnerability through their choreography. The stage is softly lit, creating a serene and intimate atmosphere that complements the lyrical style of dance. Each dancer's expression and body language reflect the narrative and emotional depth of the performance, evoking themes of love, loss, and introspection. This photograph celebrates the beauty and storytelling power of lyrical dance, captivating audiences with its heartfelt interpretation and artistic expression.

Stageworks Dance
& Performing Arts


We believe in encouraging, nurturing and inspiring all our dancers to reach their

full potential while having fun and

making lifelong friends.

Our experienced and passionate teachers

are dedicated to providing high-quality dance education to all our dancers.

At Stageworks Dance & Performing Arts

we offer various classes in Ballet,

Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro,

Barre Fitness, Silver Swans and Preschool Dance.

This image shows a group of young female dancers performing on stage. The main focus is on a girl in the foreground, wearing a flowing blue dress with a sparkly waistband. She is in a graceful pose with her arms extended and her head tilted back, suggesting movement and emotion. Behind her, other dancers in similar costumes are also performing, creating a coordinated and visually dynamic scene. The background features a blue screen, indicating a professional dance recital or performance, with stage lighting enhancing the overall artistic atmosphere.

Enrolling your child in dance with us isn't just

about learning movement – it's a journey into

discovering creativity, building confidence,

and finding joy.

Our studio is a space where friendships grow

and the joy of all accomplishments are celebrated.

We understand the importance of fostering a

love for dance and music within all our dancers,

Let Stageworks Dance & Performing Arts be a part

of your child's positive and vibrant dance journey!


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The image shows a group of young girls, aged 7-9 years, performing a jazz dance routine on stage. They are dressed in bright pink and orange tops with black shorts, and their hair is tied back with pink ribbons. The focus is on one girl in the foreground with her arms crossed and a confident expression, while the other girls are in various dance poses in the background. The stage is dimly lit, highlighting the dancers and creating a dramatic atmosphere.

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